My poems and you

My poems lay
Scattered in your pathway
Hoping that you will do this
Pick them up and kiss
And then they would fly
Turn into stars and occupy the sky

My words look at you
They want to mean to you
All that is to be told
Coz when I face you
My feet become cold
The metaphors want you to know
That you are you
And comparisons fail miserably
To describe you

My pen always
Sketches a picture of you
Says you are needed
For the thoughts to flow
Oh dear! do you know
Of my poetry
You are the charm , glitter and glow

(Uttam’s pen)


Let me retire to my belongings
And stay away from stray longings
For the abundance of everything I have
For the impermanence of anything I aquire
To avoid the scars of unfulfillment
Let me dissolve the mountains of desire
Into the calmness of lake
For the mind’s sake
Let me balance
Let me be in equilibrium with my surroundings
Let me celebrate everything that I have
Not look for replacements
That would cause displacements
Let me attain a state
Where ‘with’ and ‘without’ mean the same
Let me settle for my worth

(Uttam’s pen)


On the pathways of ALTTC campus
I met some peacocks
A few myanas
And cranes flying around
And many birds
That only an ornithologist can identify
And the chirping chimes
Melody beyond description
Squirrels playing around like kids
Honeybees collecting their stock
Butterflies flapping the wings
The flora on both sides of the road
Making me feel that I am a Navaab
Proceeding towards the throne

(Uttam’s pen)

Live until I die

“Deep down under the sea”,

Told me an Eel blenny

“There are colors so many”

“From high above the cloud”,

Told me a bird so loud

“You are loved”

“Right here on this earth”,

Asked me a dove from Perth

“For whom have you taken birth?”

The sky told me, “Your heart is broad”

The sea said, “You are so profound”

Air reminded that I was alive

The soil cautioned, “You will die”

The wind added, “Your soul will fly”

And that is why,

I want to live until I die

I want to spread smiles

I want to heal wounds

And I want to win ‘me’

Before I conquer ‘thee’

(Uttam’s pen)

Smile :-)




Just withstand the freight of the night

See ahead there is light

Don’t be sad for the minute that wasn’t alright

Cause a minute is waiting to approach with delight

In a smiley-loaded flight


Don’t worry and have wrinkles

You can smile and have dimples,

Let the smile infect contagiously,

Face life courageously,

No curve is as elegant as a smile,

No face is graceful without a smile


Make your face a nest of a birdie smile,

Give its eggs the warmth of love,

See that the birdies will multiply,

Then they will fly,

From your cheeks to other faces,

To build nests again with divine laces


(Uttam’s pen, 24.12.2010)


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Beauty is not fairness, the glowing skin
Beauty is fairness, the quality of a king

Beauty is not the green eyes
Beauty is the soothing ice

Beauty is not the rosy lips
Beauty is the blossoming tulips

Beauty is not the curvicular eyebrows
It’s the colors of rainbows

Beauty is not what is on the chest
Beauty is that inside the breast
That is the heart…
A heart that can dream….a better tomorrow
A heart that can feel…..the other’s sorrow
A heart that can withstand … the pain of the self
And a heart that can understand……….


(Genuinely Uttam’s)