The Magic Of Amboli

  Taste of Ecstasy!!




In smoky foggy Amboli*

Rain God had his Monopoly

Why would you distrust me?

I am a stranger to hyperbole!!




The blazing sun went on a ride

Behind the clouds did he hide?

Couldn’t glimpse him through the day…

Couldn’t even find a glittering ray


Never was the sky so beneath                

 Felt the wind with staggering teeth

Soaring with my feet on the ground

With lovely pals around


And the wayward nature

Determined to make me wetter

Nowhere so cool

Never so better


How can I disregard those little monkeys?

Staring at us zooming in

Ancestral inheritance came alive

I was no more a human but their cousin


They were saner than us and wiser than we

Watching the things silently

But the so-called thinkers losing sanity

Jumping at will impatiently


With the unclear greenery and invisible valley

Down the road we performed a ballet

With the dark choreo in the middle

We seemed to oscillate in the cradle


Thank you sun for your absence

We could be timid in your presence

Made its mark the intense fantasy

How can I portray this taste of ecstasy?


When I told the tale and coughed a bit

Mom said,” You are careless, accept it.”

How would you know the pleasure in it

I sprinkled some water and said “Enjoy it!”


(Genuinely Uttam’s)


Amboli is a hill station near Belgaum, Karnataka

 This Poem is a Nostalgic recollection of the euphoria experienced during a visit to the place when we were in Final Year B.E

(Thanks to Basu Somawagol for the snaps)

Is it Because of U?



I count the twinkling stars,
I spend the sleepless nights,
I write a poems few,
Is it because of u?

I caught a moving bus,
Winked at a gal like u,
She said, ” What’s the matter, Hey you?”
Is it because of you?

I was in the municipal queue,
On my turn the clerk asked my name,
And I scratched my brain!
It flashed to me when a pal said,
“Hey Uttam, How are you?”
Is it because of you?

I forgot the keys in the car,
Then went inside the bar,
I made the bartender sit,
And said,” Sir, What can I do for u?”
Is it because of you?

Why does my heart beat so fast,
Why is my breath so unstable,
Can I live without you?
No! It’s all because of you.

Come and Cure me of the demential disease,
Come and make my restlessness cease,
Come love, I am waiting for you.
Yes, it’s all because of you.

(Genuinely Uttam”s)

Because It’s love that all I have..


I may not be the best, because I can be better

I may not be the Romeo, but I am a lover!


I may not have touched the glory of success..

I may not have fortunes in excess..

I may not be a winner, but I am a fighter!!


I may not bring u the moon if u desire..

I may not fill your hands with stars, if u aspire..

I may not be the Sun, but I can make your life brighter!!


I may not give you a golden attire..

I may not give you the gizmo of desire..

I may not afford the lenses of contact.. But I can keep ur tears intact..


I want u to smile always..

Keep you happy in all my ways..

I may not have the means to do it .. but I mean to do it..


I can do many things for you.. kiss or cry

I can do anything for you.. live or die

But I may not have you at all, because It’s love that all I have..

…. Because It’s love that all I have..


(Genuinely Uttam’s)


              Poet’s comments:

              Through this poem I try to show-case the futility of the richness of a poor man’s heart. “I” here is not necessarily me.