Submit Yourself


Submit yourself to my charm

I will make your soul warm

Admit yourself to my school of thought

I will let know all lessons the life taught

You are soil; I will turn you into a statue

I will beautify you with love and virtue

Come along I am longing for you

Oh Comrade, I belong to you.

(Genuinely Uttam’s)




We have to wake up now!!!

 They killed and laughed..
We died and cried..
Who’s spineless..
We or they?

We say
Devine will kill the evil one day
Can u also say
How far is that day?
I am in a puzzle!!
How many more
Will the terror guzzle!
It’s a test of our tolerance
Or a portrayal of our ignorance
We have to wake up now
Cause we can’t when we are dead!!
(Genuinely Uttam’s)